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Namibia Safari Lodges are amongst the most beautiful and luxurious safari experiences in the whole of Africa.

Visiting a safari lodge in Namibia is one of the most unique and thrilling things in the world.

There’s something special about Namibia.

Perhaps it’s the arid nothingness of the blood-red desert or the stark beauty of the Skeleton Coast.

Maybe it’s the endless saltpans, the glorious wildlife, or the towering dunes of Sossusvlei.

Whatever your reason, those who embark on a Namibia safari are changed forever (for the good) and return again and again.

A safari holiday in Namibia is an experience that will live with you forever.

The country has everything from high-end safari lodges to camping sites.

A Namibian safari lodge experience will take you on a journey of the soul – a memory that lasts forever.

From the ancient drama of the world’s oldest desert to the wildlife of the Etosha National Park, Africa talks to you and the silence is only broken by your amazing thoughts.

Below we will list a few of the most important, unique, and breathtaking safari destinations in Namibia.

Etosha National Park Safari Lodges:

The Etosha National Park is situated in the northwestern region of Namibia, and its biggest attribute is the large salt pan.

As the flagship of Namibia safari lodges, Etosha National Park is a treasure trove of flora and fauna.

The Etosha National Park is easily accessible via road and air transfers and is known as a classic Namibia safari self-drive destination.

Etosha is a year-round destination, but the winter months – April to October – are the best time to travel.

The landscapes of Etosha makes it quite unique – on the one side you have lush grasslands, and on the other a huge salt pan.

The beautiful vegetation of Etosha National Park includes camel thorn trees and mopane trees.

This part of the country is ideal to embark on a luxurious Namibian safari experience.

Sossusvlei Safari Lodges:

Watching the sun rise over Sossusvlei is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experience that just changes you forever.

Sossusvlei is situated in the southern part of the Namib Desert, and the entire area is surfaced with salt and clay pans.

The Namib Desert is the oldest desert on earth.

Sossusvlei’s great dunes seem to rise magically from the dry pan.

Sossusvlei is world-renowned for its gigantic sand dunes that range in colour and are the highest in the world.

At night, the Milky Way above Sossusvlei is brighter than anywhere else in Africa.

To top it all – the safari lodges around Sossusvlei offer the best safaris in Namibia.

Damaraland Safari Lodges:

Damaraland is in north-central Namibia and is home to the indigenous Damara people.

The area is renowned for its rugged beauty that comprises open green plains, grassland, rock formations, and narrow passes.

Damaraland enchants with its incredible dreamlike setting.

In the evening, the yellow-brown of the environment merges with the orange-red of the sun, which creates an almost magical mood.

Access to Damaraland is by road and air which makes this ideal for anyone wishing to visit the Namibia safari lodges of this region.

The Damaraland is not only known for its natural treasures.

Hobby archaeologists and geologists will also get their money’s worth, as the region is home to some of Twyfelfontein’s oldest and most beautiful rock paintings, as well as historic stone elements such as the Burnt Mountain or the Organ Pipes.

Skeleton Coast Safari Lodges:

The Skeleton Coast is situated on the far northwest of Namibia.

The magnificent Skeleton Coast got its name because of the many shipwrecks that occurred over the years.

At the Skeleton Coast, the unique setting of the desert in contrast with the beach creates a unique setting for an African getaway.

Looking down over the enormous, bleached whalebones and crumbling shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast’s ghastly north shore from the window of a light aircraft is, quite simply, mind-blowing.

This is the “Land that God Created in Anger” as it’s known by the local San people, and it certainly seems at first glance that nothing could survive here.

But look again and you’ll discover tiny plants flourishing in the sand, giraffe, and springbok along the riverbeds, and, of course, the remarkable elephants.

Skeleton Coast lodges are offered at game lodges and desert camps.

Activities at Skeleton Coast Safari Lodges include sand dune excursions, game and safari drives in 4×4 vehicles, desert walks, and scenic desert flights.

The beautiful Skeleton Coast is the ideal destination for your luxury Namibian Safari Lodge Adventure.

NamibRand Nature Reserve Safari Lodges:

The NamibRand Nature Reserve, located in southern Namibia, is a private nature reserve established to help protect and conserve the unique ecology and wildlife of the south-west Namib Desert.

It is probably the largest private nature reserve in southern Africa, extending over an area of more than 200,000 ha.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve shares a 100km border with the Namib-Naukluft National Park in the west and is bordered in the east by the imposing Nubib Mountains.

The NamibRand is home to enormous, blood-red dunes, towering mountains and wide grassy plains dotted with curious fairy circles.

And with each luxury safari lodge in this area of Namibia limited to only 20 beds, you won’t bump into the masses.

Fish River Canyon Safari Lodges:

The Fish River Canyon is situated in the far south of Namibia and is the 2nd largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA.

The canyon forms part of the state-run Ais-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

Stretching across 160km in length, 27km in width and depths sometimes reaching 550m, the nature of the canyon varies depending on what time of the year you visit.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is possibly some of the harshest terrain on the continent.

The Fish River itself is 800km long and thus the longest river in Namibia.

The gigantic ravine was created by the Fish River and by a collapse of a valley due to movements in the crust of the earth.

Here, you will marvel at the eroded sandstone cliffs with their 550m drop into the gorge.

Walk along the canyon rim and enjoy one of the most amazing sunsets in Africa.

The Fish River Canyon is a must-visit destination on your next visit to Namibia.

Kaokoland Safari Lodges:

If south Kaokoland was a fictional land, it would be an oasis of vibrant green grass, clear water, and shady palms – but Kaokoland is real.

Kaokoland is not included in most tourist itineraries, but that is a large part of its appeal.

With its stunning landscapes, desert elephant population and cultural experiences with the iconic Himba people, Kaokoland has a lot to offer.

The Kaokoveld in Namibia is also home to amazing flora and fauna, including the desert-dwelling Elephant, Rhino, Giraffe and Lion.

Near Epupa Falls in northern Namibia, you can enjoy sundowner river cruises, birdwatching, scenic hikes or go river rafting and canoeing on guided adventures, although you’ll have to keep a look out for crocodiles.

Kalahari Safari Lodges:

The Kalahari is one of the most special places in Africa.

The magnificent Kalahari covers three nations in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and is a timeless, magical, and mystifying place.

Endless landscapes beckon you to a surreal experience where trees and bushes loom large, and the rocky shadows stretch to the horizon.

The Kalahari is a unique region for a Namibia safari lodge experience.

Caprivi Safari Lodges:

The Caprivi may not be on every traveller’s wish list, but to come here is to experience a side of Namibia that is rarely seen – while staying in one of a handful of lodges whose standards of accommodation, food and guides are among the best in Namibia.

As a bonus, the Caprivi Strip’s proximity to Victoria Falls presents a perfect add-on for many a self-drive safari.

Rich and tropical, lush, and wet you can be forgiven for thinking if you were still in Namibia.

Criss-crossed by the Okavango, Linyanti and Chobe Rivers, the area is dotted with waterfalls and crashing rapids and is home to an excellent selection of water-loving species including hippo and buffalo, crocs and waterbuck, and a wide variety of birds.

The Caprivi is one of the most special places in Namibia to enjoy your next luxury safari.

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